Mindful Motion

Mindfulness Through Movement

Mindful Motion Introduction

Learn the benefits of Mindful Motion in this very brief video from creator and founder of Somatic Release and designer of Mindful Motion, Pamela Stokes. 

Experience Mindful Motion--FREE

Learn how to instantly regulate your emotions, reduce your stress response, and eliminate pain in this FREE 30-minute class.

Mindful Motion is...

A Program for People Like You

Reduce stress, increase flexibility, eliminate pain, and regulate your emotions. 

Learn nearly 50 Mindfulness-through-Movement techniques that help you find comfort in your body and mind using gentle movements to increase your resilience to stress.

A Program for Mental Health Practitioners

Add a trauma-informed somatic component to your practice and gain deeper access to your dissociative and highly-activated clients.

Actionable self-care methods for you and your clients, without touch, help prevent vicarious trauma AND resolve theirs.

A Program for Schools and Healthcare Providers

Learn trauma-informed somatic techniques to prevent vicarious trauma and calm the nervous system of your students or patients.

Improve learning, focus, overall wellness, and emotion regulation.

Trauma and our Nervous System

This short video discusses the trauma response and how it affects our nervous system. 

The activities in Mindful Motion can help you resolve the trauma response.

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